Car Alignment

Wheels are aligned with specific settings, and different models can have different settings. But hitting potholes, curbs or even just the usual bumps you encounter daily on the road can cause your wheels to become unaligned.

Poor wheel alignment affects your handling, and it can create a pull on your vehicle that can be very straining during long drives as you’re constantly fighting to keep your vehicle going straight. Over time, poor alignment can also damage other components, and causes your tires to wear our unevenly, and therefore more quickly. That’s why it’s important to have a technician inspect your wheel alignment periodically.

Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings enable your wheels to spin freely. And while some wheel bearings can be serviced, others require hub replacement. For those that can be replaced, preventive maintenance can be done. This procedure involves removing the bearings, carefully cleaning them and inspecting for any imperfection. If the bearing can be reused, we reinstall them, and pack them with grease. If not, we put on new bearings.

Taking care of old bearings is extremely important. When bearings go bad, they produce enough heat to cause the wheel to lock up. In extreme cases, the wheel can even come off! So make sure you get them inspected regularly to stay safe and prevent costly (and avoidable) damage to your wheels.