Your car’s suspension system is what connects your wheels to the vehicle. Not only does it help deliver a smooth ride, it is also essential to your vehicle’s steering, stopping and stability. Car’s suspension systems contain a lot of joints and pivot points that connect to one another, and these wear out over time. When certain components of your automobile’s suspension are worn, it stresses the other suspension components, so they wear out faster than they should. Even tires that should last years can wear out in a couple of months because of a poor suspension component.When we look at your vehicle, we look at signs of a possible suspension problem, replace the damaged components (for example, your springs) and restore your handling.

Shocks and Struts

Your car’s shocks and struts’ main job is to keep your tires firmly on the ground. When well maintained, the suspension allows you to maintain proper road handling during acceleration and on turns, ensuring safe braking distances. When shocks are worn, your vehicle won’t handle as well – you’ll bounce over bumps, wallow around corner, your rear will dive when you accelerate and could even become unsafe. Replacing worn shocks and struts will extend the life of your tires, prevent premature tire wear as well as costly suspension damage

The normal lifespan for shocks is roughly 80,000 km. An annual inspection ensures your safety and lets you enjoy a pleasant (and safe) driving experience.